What Bass Guitar Should I Buy For A Beginner? [Expert Advice]

Buying a new bass guitar is a daunting task for beginners.  They don’t have any idea about anything bass guitar-related.  If you find that you are uninformed about bass guitars, and if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, keep reading.  We are going to share with you the information you need so you can answer the question of “What bass guitar should I buy for a beginner?”

However, before we talk about all the red-hot features you should look for when buying a bass guitar for a beginner, we think it would be pertinent to explain how a beginner can tell the real value of a bass guitar.

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What Bass Guitar Should I Buy For A Beginner? [Expert Advice]

Knowing where to start is difficult, as there are numerous brands, and each brand has multiple models to choose from.  Some of the brands we recommend are…..

These manufacturers all attempt to gain attention through their own unique set of features and specifications.  However, there is only one rule you need to remember.

“Choose The Guitar, Based On Your Needs And Goals!”

Keeping this in mind, you will find it easier to choose your first guitar to begin your long musical journey.  People who pick a guitar without thinking about this principle will see they have opened the floodgates to trouble.  It becomes tough for them to get the sound they want to complement their taste in music and their performances on the big stage.

Beginner Bass Guitar

Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding What Bass Guitar Should I Buy A Beginner

We have put together a few questions for you that will help you in this process.

  • Should you start with an electric bass guitar or acoustic bass guitar?
  • How much do you want to spend on your first bass guitar?
  • What kinds of music are you interested in playing?
  • What are the features & specifications I need to look at?
  • Moreover, lastly, is it OK to buy a beginner bass guitar online?

Answering these questions will assist you in choosing the right guitar, according to your needs and goals.

Should You Start With An Electric Bass Or Acoustic Bass?

Let us explain the difference between an acoustic bass guitar and an electric bass guitar.

In the acoustic bass guitar and the acoustic bass, violin-like was used in the 40s and 50s, the vibration of the string passes into the body of the guitar or violin, and space produces the sound.  On the other hand, in the electric bass guitar, the vibration of strings converts into electrical impulses and is sent to the amplifier.

Having over 40 years of experience in playing bass guitars, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that an electric bass guitar is more comfortable to learn to play.  Its strings are thinner than an acoustic bass guitar and an acoustic bass violin, making the electric bass more comfortable to play with less precision and stress on your fingers.  Apart from this, you can also control the volume of the amplifier or can use a headphone setup to practice playing and not disturb others around you.

Also, the electric bass guitar has a much higher range of sounds and tones it can reproduce than the acoustic bass guitar.

How Much To Spend On Your First Guitar?

Now, this is an essential question.  Bass guitar forums are packed with answers concerning this question because people want to obtain the best quality bass guitar at an economical price for them.

Most professional bass guitars are in the range of $1,200 – $2,500.  However, these guitars are really for professional bassists who perform on big stages that require performance that enables them to produce top-notch quality songs.

You don’t need to spend this amount of money.

A reasonable amount to pay for your first guitar would be around $500.  Fortunately, We found some bass guitars that would be great for beginners that are way under that price. Here are our top pics.

Moreover, here are three good choices for around $200.

What Kinds of Music Are You Interested In Playing?

This question is immensely valuable, and it requires a certain amount of research on your part.  Especially if you are unsure of your music taste.

There are lots of music genres; from Rock to Metal, Country to Blues.  You must decide which is your preference.

Some guitars are for specific genres of music.  If you try to learn your type of music on a guitar made for another style you will not get the sound needed for that type of music.  However, it doesn’t mean all guitars are like that.  Some guitars play well for almost all genres.

Again we have chosen bass guitars that will do well with almost any music style. Yes, some will be a little better than others for specific genres, but when looking for beginning bass guitars, one of our criteria was to make sure that it will adapt as a new musician grows and matures in tastes and styles.

Because of their outstanding versatility, these bass guitars are easily recognized in every town.  It doesn’t matter whether you are interested in Heavy Metal or Jazz; these bass guitars will give you incredible results in all genres.  A significant benefit for the artist who wants to explore the music styles of their craft.

How to Assess Features & Specifications?

To understand the features and specifications, you need to know about five things; body, neck size, electronics, hardware, and sound quality.

Research on these things will help you to determine which guitar is best for you.

You can read our bass guitar buying guide to find out more information on each of these components, or we recommend that you read these articles at Musician’s Friend and Sweetwater.

Is It OK to Buy a Guitar Online?

If this is your first guitar, we recommend you buy it online, for several reasons.  Online, you have more models and options to choose from.

Also, buyers often share some constructive comments in their reviews; they highlight all the pros and cons of the product, which a local dealer will seldom tell you.  They aim to sell the product and highlight only those points which grab your attention.

All of the bass guitars we recommend have a plethora of online reviews. They are all highly rated by real buyers. According to people, they are some of the best bass guitars for beginners on the market today.  Their reviews are flooded with compliments and favorable ratings.

Moreover, they are all from highly rated manufacturers that are highly respected in the guitar industry.

Finally, let’s face it. These are beginner bass guitars. They are not handcrafted one of a kind. You will get the same quality online that you will with a dealer yet you will have the convenience and savings that happens when you buy online.

grayscale photo of electric bass guitars

What Bass Guitar Should You Buy For A Beginner?

As the managing editor of Bass Guitar Paradise and a bassist with over 40 years of experience myself, I have given you all that you need to make a wise choice.

Now let’s help another budding musical star get their wings.

Check out our list of the best bass guitars for beginners or read our informative reviews and buyers guide below.

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