What Is The Best Bass Guitar For Small Hands?

Finding The Best Bass Guitar For Small Hands

One of the most amazing things about having so many options when shopping for instruments is that no matter your size, stature, or playing ability, you can generally find a bass guitar that will meet your needs and help you to improve and grow as a musician.

One common problem that some people have when shopping for bass guitars is that they have smaller hands, which can make it very difficult to play on a regular or thick neck. Instead of giving up your dreams of playing the bass guitar, all you have to do is look for the best bass guitar for small hands as this will allow you to play all the music you want without struggling to reach the strings or dealing with cramps.

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What Is The Best Bass Guitar For Small Hands?

The Hofner HOF-HI-CB-SB 4-string bass guitar is the absolute best option for any musician who has smaller hands and wants to learn how to play the bass guitar. If you have not heard of Hofner, then think back to the Beatles and the bass guitar that Paul McCartney used. It was a Hofner bass.

Instead of a thick neck, which can be difficult and frustrating to handle, the thinner neck on this bass guitar is ideal for players of all ages and abilities. This means that you can spend less time trying to stretch your fingers to reach the strings on your bass guitar and more time making music.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Bass Guitar?

  • One important thing to consider when looking for a bass guitar that is ideal for users with smaller hands is the shape and size of the neck itself. Bass guitar necks can come in multiple shapes, and some can be very wide, which is difficult for users who have smaller hands to play correctly. Instead of being frustrated when you are unable to create clear music, choosing a bass guitar with a smaller neck is an excellent choice.
  • The weight of the bass guitar is also something you should take into consideration as users with smaller hands generally tend to be more petite. Some bass guitars can be quite substantial, and this makes it very difficult for smaller or younger musicians to play their instruments comfortably. Consider the type of wood used in the body of the bass guitar as this will have a significant impact on the overall weight.
  • The number of strings should also be taken into consideration when shopping for a bass guitar for users with smaller hands as more strings will give you more notes but be increasingly difficult to play. Four strings are enough to play most any song and will be easy enough for most musicians to use.

Hofner HI-BB-PE-TBK Ignition Pro Violin Bass

8.5Our Score

The Ignition Pro Edition (PRO) basses are based on the Höfner violin basses from the 1970s. In contrast to the Contemporary series, the Ignition basses have a hollow body. In addition to the classic control panel with Tea Cup knobs, they are equipped with a wooden bridge, a trapeze tailpiece and are fitted with Hofner flatwound strings for that unique 60s sound. Fully hollow this bass produces the distinctive Hofner deep and resonant bass tone so loved by musicians everywhere. Lightweight, it can be played easily for hours without breaking your back!

Why We Chose This Bass Guitar Over Others

While many bass guitars on the market are ideal for players who have smaller hands, this Hofner bass guitar doesn’t sacrifice quality to be more accessible to musicians. Unlike other bass guitars that compromise their sound quality and tone to create a smaller neck that is easier for musicians with smaller hands, this guitar from Hofner will allow you to play the music of all styles and will provide you with the deep, resonant tones that you dream of from your bass guitar. The smooth, clean sound that you will enjoy from this bass guitar is unparalleled by other instruments of this size.

Although it is a very light bass guitar, which some users may be concerned about because lighter instruments tend to have shallower tones, this bass guitar gives a surprisingly deep tone when played. The lighter weight of this instrument means that you can play all day long without feeling pain in your shoulders or back and it is ideal for younger musicians who are not large or strong enough to handle a heavier bass guitar. The quiet pickups are powerful and will provide a very warm tone to your sound.

Paul McCartney holding a Hofner bass

What We Like and Dislike About This Bass Guitar


At only 7.25 pounds, this bass guitar is very light and comfortable for most musicians to hold and carry while they are playing. You won’t have to be tied down to sitting while playing your bass guitar when you opt for this lighter-weight instrument.

The neck on this bass guitar is small enough that users with smaller hands can easily wrap all the way around it and reach all of the strings, which increases confidence and playability.

While this bass guitar is electric and can be plugged in, it is so loud when not plugged in that it can still be used as an acoustic bass, making it an incredibly versatile instrument.

Even though this is a very small-statured bass guitar, it offers a deep tone that is sure to improve any music that you wish to play.


The G-string often can slide off of the fret if you’re not careful while playing due to the slot on the nut being too close to the edge of the fretboard. While this is an easy repair to make even while playing, it’s very frustrating to have to stop and deal with this issue on a regular basis.

Larger or older musicians who have small hands may enjoy playing this bass guitar, but it is so light that it can be easily thrown around and damaged.

Hofner Beatle Bass Guitar

Why We Feel That You Should Buy This Bass Guitar

Unlike other bass guitars that cater to musicians who have smaller hands, you will not have to sacrifice any tone or sound quality when you opt for the Hofner HOF-HI-CB-SB 4-string bass guitar. Hofner has outdone themselves, creating an affordable and attractive instrument. This is, hands down, the best bass guitar for a person with small hands and is perfect for musicians of all ages and playing abilities. Updating the strings will improve the sound quality even more without increasing the cost too much.

Not only is this bass guitar incredibly light and easy to play but it is fun to play due to the quality of sound that you can coax from this instrument. It has a fast action that will allow you to play speedy riffs in solos during songs, enabling you to stand out from the rest of the band and show your true abilities as a musician. Because the neck is small enough for musicians with smaller hands, you won’t ever have to worry about cramps in your hands or tired fingers that are unable to continue playing after a long day of practice.

Instead of suffering while playing the bass guitar with a thick neck designed for musicians with larger hands, when you buy this bass guitar, you can play to your strengths and ensure that you create incredible music.

I have personally played this bass and for me, it is by far the best bass guitar for small hands.

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