What Is The Best Bass Guitar with A Thin Neck?

Finding The Best Bass Guitar with A Thin Neck

Musicians of all ages and all abilities will find that they are better able to produce quality music when they have the right instrument to meet their needs.

While there are many considerations when choosing a new bass guitar, one important thing to take into consideration is the neck. In addition to the construction of the neck and what materials are used, the shape and the size of the neck play a huge role in how easily you can play your new instrument.

When you are looking for the best bass guitar with a thin neck, you will want to make sure that you do not sacrifice the quality of your sound to have a thinner neck.

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What Is The Best Bass Guitar with A Thin Neck?

Whether you have smaller hands and struggle to hold a bass guitar with a thicker neck or have a playing style that dictates using a thinner-necked bass guitar, the Hofner HOF-HI-CB-SB 4-string bass guitar is your best option.

Not only will you have increased playability with this bass guitar due to the size and shape of the neck but you will not have to worry about losing deep, resonant tones from your instrument.

Unlike other bass guitars with thin necks, this instrument from Hofner is sure to meet your high standards.

What Are the Important Considerations When Buying This Bass Guitar?

  • Because you are unlikely to find a bass guitar with a thinner neck that supports five or six strings, it’s essential that you make sure that you buy quality strings for your instrument. This may mean purchasing a bass guitar that has stock strings that are excellent quality, or it may mean making a small investment in your future as a musician and buying new strings for your instrument.
  • The shape of the neck of your new bass guitar will play a huge role in how quickly you can handle your instrument. Some neck shapes are significantly thicker than others, so it’s important to pay attention to this factor when deciding what bass guitar will meet your needs.
  • Pay attention to the action of your bass guitar as you want to be able to move quickly up and down the neck when playing. While this is generally relatively easy when using a bass guitar with a thin neck, the frets and how they are inlaid into the neck will play a huge role in how quickly you can play your new instrument.
  • It’s also important to take into consideration the construction of the neck. Thinner necks are often made of only one piece of wood, but this can result in a thinner, weaker tone from your bass guitar.
Best Overall

Hofner HI-BB-PE-TBK Ignition Pro Violin Bass

8.5Our Score

The Ignition Pro Edition (PRO) basses are based on the Höfner violin basses from the 1970s. In contrast to the Contemporary series, the Ignition basses have a hollow body. In addition to the classic control panel with Tea Cup knobs, they are equipped with a wooden bridge, a trapeze tailpiece and are fitted with Hofner flatwound strings for that unique 60s sound. Fully hollow this bass produces the distinctive Hofner deep and resonant bass tone so loved by musicians everywhere. Lightweight, it can be played easily for hours without breaking your back!

Why We Chose This Bass Guitar Over Others

Unlike other bass guitars that have a thinner neck, this Hofner bass guitar manages to create a full and deep sound for anybody who picks up this instrument to play. Instead of worrying about sacrificing your ability to truly be the backbone of your band, when you opt for this bass guitar, you can make sure that you have all of the power and control that you need over your music to impress all of your listeners and fans. Because this Hofner bass guitar is light enough for daily use, it can be played for hours at a time without causing any soreness in the musician. Additionally, its size makes it very easy to take with you on the road.

Many bass guitars on the market only sound their best when plugged into an amp, but this bass guitar also sounds impressive when used as an acoustic instrument. While many musicians are used to sacrificing versatility for smaller necks on their bass guitars, this instrument from Hofner proves that you do not have to make this decision any longer. You can have a versatile and powerful instrument that still meets your needs and is easy to control.

Paul McCartney holding a Hofner bass

What We Like and Dislike About This Bass Guitar


The hollow body of this bass guitar does not work against the quality of the instrument and actually can improve playability. The decreased weight of this bass guitar means that it is accessible for more musicians to use.

Although designed as an electric bass guitar and offering a fantastic sound when plugged into an amp, this Hofner bass guitar can be used unplugged as well. This is perfect for practice at home or late-night jam sessions with your band when you do not want to wake up the whole family. It also allows for acoustic sets, which can be a nice change of pace.

The powerful pickups included on this bass guitar are perfect for catching all of your sounds and producing a clear tone without static or feedback.

You can quickly add a unique tone to your sound when switching to solo from rhythm. Use the separate knobs to adjust the volume for each pickup.


Lower-quality strings included on this bass guitar need to be replaced quickly so that you do not sacrifice your sound quality.

Some of the strings tend to slip off of the bridge, which can be very frustrating when this occurs during the playing. The best way to deal with this problem is to take it to professionals to have them repair it.

Hofner Beatle Bass Guitar

Why We Feel That You Should Buy This Bass Guitar

Instruments with thinner necks are a lot easier for musicians with smaller hands to play and to control; if you find yourself in this boat, then it’s essential that you buy the best bass guitar with thin necks. Instead of struggling to play your instrument because you are unable to wrap your hand around the neck, which can cause significant physical discomfort while playing, by opting for this guitar with a thinner neck, you will have all of the control and playability that you desire from your instrument. Also, musicians who prefer a thinner neck because of the style of music that they like to play will benefit from the Hofner HOF-HI-CB-SB 4-string bass guitar.

Gone are the days of sacrificing your tone quality to have a lighter and thinner-necked instrument. This Hofner bass guitar is an incredible value for the price and will make playing fun. You can rely on the powerful pickups to give you all of the control that you need over your sound, and since the volume is individually adjusted, you won’t ever have to worry about overpowering other instruments in your band. If you are looking for the best bass guitar with a thin neck, then you will find that this is your best and most powerful option.

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