Professional Fender Bassbreaker 007 Review

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Some bass players are looking for a versatile amp that can be used in any situation. If you’re one of those bassists, then the Fender Bassbreaker 007 should be at the top of your list. This amp is perfect for small venues and studio use alike, providing a wide variety of sound options to suit any style. It’s also easy to transport due to its compact size, which makes it an excellent choice for musicians on the go! In this review, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons so you can make your decision with confidence.

Professional Fender Bassbreaker 007 Review

Our Fender Bassbreaker 007 Review

Playing bass is hard, especially if you’re new to the instrument. 

You want to play in a band with your friends, but you don’t know where or how to start. Getting a good tone out of an amp is also difficult and expensive. 

The Fender Bassbreaker 007 solves all these problems and more! This tube amplifier has everything that beginner bassists need to get started on their musical journey – it’s affordable, portable, and sounds great! It comes with a 10″ speaker for deep tones that are perfect for any genre. Whether you’re jamming at home or playing live gigs this amp will be there for you every step of the way!

What Is The Fender Bassbreaker 007?


Fender Bassbreaker 007 Combo

8.5Our Score

The all-new Fender Bassbreaker 007 is a must-have for bass players who want the ultimate in tone and flexibility. Its 7 watts of power are perfect for bedroom jamming, small gigs, or studio recording. And with its 3 versatile channels and wide range of tones, the Bassbreaker 007 can handle any playing style or genre. Plus, its built-in effects let you dial in the perfect sound for your music.

Looking to explore rich harmonics and overdriven tube tone? Look no further than the Fender Bassbreaker 007. This 7-watt amplifier features a single EL84 power tube and 2- 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, giving you a glorious big tone that’s perfect for taking your sound far from clean.

And if you’re looking for even more of an edge, check out the amp’s vintage-style treble-booster circuit, which adds pre-amp gain and additional harmonics. Not only does this amp look great with its bold gray lacquered tweed and black grille cloth, but it also sounds fantastic with its 10 inches 8-ohm Celestion Ten 30 speaker.

Plus, the ¼ Line output lets you easily connect to a PA or recording console, making the Fender Bassbreaker 0007 perfect for studio use and small gigs.

So if you’re looking for an amp that can do it all – from clean tones to overdriven rock ‘n’ roll – then the Fender Bassbreaker 00 07 is your ideal choice!

Features Of The Fender Bassbreaker 007

  • Get a bigger, fuller sound.
  • Push your amp to the limit and take it far from clean.
  • Explore new sounds and keep your tone interesting.
  • Take it with you anywhere because of its portability
  • A great tone for any style.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Bring the big sound of a tube amp to your living room, bedroom, or studio with this small and affordable amp.
  • You can now take your tone far from clean.
  • The vintage-style treble booster circuit adds preamp gain and additional harmonics.
  • Get the tone you’ve always wanted, without breaking the bank. 
  • Explore new possibilities with a single EL84 power tube and 2 12AX7 preamp tubes pumping out 7 watts of big tone

Review Of The Fender Bassbreaker 007’s Pros And Cons


  • This amp is great for beginners. It’s affordable and easy to use, which makes it a perfect starter amp that can be used in any situation!
  • Portable Size This amplifier was built with portability in mind – its speaker cabinet measures less than 12 inches wide, so you’ll never have trouble taking it along as your sound source.
  • The Fender Bassbreaker 00 07 is perfect for studio use and small gigs. It comes with a ¼ Line output that lets you easily connect to a PA or recording console, making it the perfect choice for musicians who need an amp that can do it all!


  • At only 7 watts, if you are going to use this amp live you will need to connect it to a pa system.

Customer Experiences With The Fender Bassbreaker 007

I love it! I’ve been playing bass for about a year now, and this is the perfect amp to practice at home. It’s got great tone and volume, no distortion or buzzing from the speakers, it was well worth every penny.

Jenny R. Vancouver WA

“I love how portable this amp is!”  This Fender Bassbreaker 00 07 amplifier makes an excellent practice amp for any bassist. It has plenty of volume and a great tone that will satisfy any player!

Joshua B. Miami, FL

The Fender Bassbreaker 00 07 is a great little amp with beautiful cleans and an excellent overdrive channel… I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable tube amplifier!

Rich M. Cleveland OH

Frequently Asked Questions About The Fender Bassbreaker 007

How loud is the Fender Bassbreaker 007?

This amplifier pumps out a maximum of 38 DB, so it can produce a moderate amount of volume but nothing to write home about.

It’s ideal for practice, but you’ll have to use it with a PA system if you intend to gig.

What is the Fender Bassbreaker 007’s power rating?

The amp has a power rating of seven watts, making it perfect for small gigs and studio use.

How many inputs and outputs does the amplifier have?

This amp has one input and two outputs – a line out and a speaker output!

What is the Fender Bassbreaker 007’s impedance rating?

This amp has an eight-ohm impedance, which makes it best for use with a bass guitar. It can also be used with effects pedals!

What is the Fender Bassbreaker 007’s frequency range?

The amp has a 20 Hz – 15 kHz frequency response, which makes it perfect for use with bass guitars.

Fender Bassbreaker 007 Specs


  • Voltage120V
  • Wattage7 Watts
  • ControlsBoost, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master
  • ChannelsOne
  • InputsOne – 1/4″
  • Speaker Jack1/4″
  • EffectsTreble Boost
  • Line OutOne – (1/4″)


  • Cabinet Material – 5/8″ Particle Board
  • Amplifier Covering – Gray Tweed
  • Grille Cloth – Black
  • Amplifier Jewel – White Jewel
  • Front Panel – Black
  • Handle – Black Leather Handle


  • Speakers – One – 10″ Celestion® TEN 30
  • Total Impedance – 8 ohms
  • Speaker Wattage – 30 Watts


  • Preamp Tubes – 2 x 12AX7
  • Power Tubes – 1 – EL84
  • Rectifier – Solid State


  • Amp Height – 14.75″ (37.5 cm)
  • Amp Depth – 8.5″ (21.6 cm)
  • Amp Width – 15.81″ (40.2 cm)
  • Amp Weigh – t25.5 lbs. (11.57 kg)
Fender Bassbreaker 007 top view

Conclusion To Our Fender Bassbreaker 007 Review

The Fender Bassbreaker 007 is the perfect amp for anyone who wants to take their tone to the next level. It’s packed with features that make sound quality and performance even better than they were before. With 7 watts of power, it can go anywhere from clean amps to an amp that is overdriven and overloaded. And if you want something more subtle, this amp has three different settings so you can choose what works best for your style and needs.

You won’t find another amplifier like this one on the market today. The vintage tone quality and power output make it perfect for any type of music lover out there!

Conclusion: If you are looking to explore new possibilities when playing your instrument using an affordable tube amplifier that can be used in any situation while still producing a fantastic tone, the Fender Bassbreaker 007 is a great choice!

Thank you for reading our Fender Bassbreaker 007 review!

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