Gallien Krueger Neo 212 Review: A Pro Speaks

Our Gallien Krueger Neo 212 Review

Every great bassist needs a high-quality bass guitar cabinet and more and more musicians are turning to Gallien Krueger when they need equipment that they know will not only endure the rigors of the road but will also give them the power and control that they need in the studio.

Thanks to Gallien Krueger’s commitment to quality and insistence on producing reliable equipment, all of their amps and cabinets are built to last. Their Neo 212 is no exception and is a wonderful piece of equipment sure to impress even the pickiest bassist.

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Gallien Krueger Neo 212 Review: A Pro Speaks

What Is the Gallien Krueger Neo 212?

Part of the Gallien Krueger Neo Series lineup, the Neo 212 is the mid-range option. It still features all of the same great powerful features as the other cabinets in this series, such as reduced cabinet resonance due to impressive construction, finely tuned ports, and a great compression tweeter. However, it only weighs 50 pounds, making it a great option for taking on the road when you don’t want to worry about lugging along heavy equipment.

Additionally, the Neo 212 is equipped with two 12” woofers as well as a high-frequency horn, which means that it will do a great job moving air when you are on stage. Unlike other bass cabs on the market that may rely on larger woofers at the risk of sacrificing articulation, the Gallien Krueger Neo 212 is a great combination of power and control, resulting in an incredible sound that is true to what you are playing while still being bold and loud.

Who Is this Bass Cabinet Designed for?

Gallien Krueger knows a thing or two about designing bass amp cabinets for gigging musicians and their Neo 212 is no exception. It’s perfect for life on the road not only because of its lower weight but also because it provides massive sound and great quality no matter what type of venue you are in. This means that musicians can expect the same great sound from this cabinet when they are playing on Sunday morning for worship as they can when rocking on out Friday night.

While designed to be durable and powerful on the road, the Gallien Krueger Neo 212 is also a great price, making it a wonderful option that most musicians can easily consider. Unlike other similarly powerful pieces of equipment that are incredibly expensive, the Neo 212 is reasonably priced. It is an investment piece but is designed to last for years without any problems, ensuring that musicians get their money’s worth when they invest in it.

What’s Included?


Gallien-Krueger Neo 212-II Bass Guitar Cabinet

8.5Our Score
  • 600 Watts RMS/ 8 ohms
  • 2×12″ Paragon Neodymium Drivers
  • High-Quality Horn Tweeter
  • Horn Bi-Amp and Passive Crossover
  • Speakon Cable Included

The only thing that ships with the Gallien Krueger Neo 212 is the SpeakOn cable. Besides that, you need to make sure that you have on hand all of the other equipment, bass amp, accessories, and the bass that you are going to use with the Neo 212.

Primary Features of the Gallien Krueger Neo 212

One of the most impressive features of the Gallien Krueger Neo 212 is the incredible build quality and how well this piece of equipment will last. Thanks to the custom interlocking corners, the light poplar construction, and the impressive internal structural support, the Neo 212 is built to last when on the road. Other impressive features include:

  • Eight ohms
  • Two 12” woofers
  • Ability to run full-range or bi-amped
  • 1/4” inputs
  • SpeakOn
  • Tolex covering
  • A weight of 50 pounds
  • High-frequency horn

The bi-amp system of the Neo 212 makes it easy for musicians to quickly switch between bi-amp and the standard full-range operation.

Thanks to the 16-gauge steel grill, this cabinet is roadworthy but can also withstand heavy use in one location. This makes it an ideal candidate for locations and uses such as a church where it will be used regularly by a lot of different people.

It can be difficult to find a cabinet that moves air efficiently and is able to move a lot at once so that you don’t have to worry about your sound quality or whether or not everyone will be able to hear your music; however, that is where the Gallien Krueger Neo 212 comes into play. Thanks to the design of the two 12” woofers and the high-frequency horn, it does a great job at moving a lot of air for perfect sound quality that everyone can enjoy.

Alternatives to the Neo 212

Musicians who love the power of the Gallien Krueger Neo 212 but need something that is a little lower priced will appreciate the Hartke 410XL cabinet. This powerful bass cabinet offers parallel 1/4” inputs, power handling, four 10” bass drivers with aluminum cones, and dual ports and dual chambers. It’s a great option for beginners who simply may not be able to afford the higher price of the Gallien Krueger Neo 212.

Another great budget alternative is the Line 6 Spider V 412. When combined with the Spider V 240HC, this makes a great half-stack with 240 watts of power. It features custom Celestion speakers as well as stereo inputs and is designed to be powerful enough to be used on the road without any fear of damage.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Gallien Krueger Neo 212?

Musicians know that a great bass amp cab plays a huge role in overall sound quality and whether or not a musician is able to perform to the best of his or her ability. Any musician looking for a cab that offers plenty of power in a compact, lightweight design will appreciate everything that the Gallien Krueger Neo 212 has to offer.

This powerful piece of equipment is not nearly as expensive as some others on the market and can easily outperform lower-quality options, making it the ideal choice for musicians who want to showcase their skills on the road. It’s ideal in almost any venue and provides the power and control that musicians have come to expect from Gallien Krueger. If you are looking for a durable and reliable bass cab, then the Neo 212 may be just what you are looking for.

We hope our Gallien Krueger Neo 212 review has been helpful.

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