Pro Gretsch G2220 Review

Our Gretsch G2220 Review

Every bassist knows the importance of high-quality and powerful instruments that will help them to lay down a great bass line and stand out from the rest of the band.

While there are a lot of heavy-duty basses on the market, buying one that is a little smaller can be a good option for some people. A smaller bass can be easier to handle, but should still offer impressive tones and sounds as its larger counterpart. Rather than opting for a low-quality bass that has an unimpressive sound, musicians who want raw power will be happy considering the Gretsch G2220. It’s a powerful bass that is small, but mighty.

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Pro Gretsch G2220 Review

What Is the Gretsch G2220?

This junior bass is designed to fill any room or venue with loud and impressive sounds thanks to its classic Gretsch components, but it is much smaller and easier to hold and play.

Even though Gretsch is better known for producing high-quality guitars, their G2220 bass is designed with a typical jet body shape and impressive basswood, resulting in a fresh take on a familiar design.

First released in 2018, the Gretsch G2220 hasn’t undergone any updates, but that’s because it’s such a well-designed instrument. Thanks to the attention to detail in creating this instrument,

Gretsch has managed to create a smaller bass that doesn’t have a smaller sound, which is impressive and delightful.

Who Is this Bass Guitar Designed for?

This bass meets the needs of a lot of bass players who may not even realize that they are struggling to get the most out of their current instrument.

It’s perfect for younger or more petite musicians who may struggle to stretch between frets. Thanks to the shorter neck, it’s a lot easier to control, which will give beginners a boost of confidence when they start playing bass.

Even intermediate and more advanced bassists who want a little more control over their instrument and want an easier time playing will love the Gretsch G2220.

Because it still offers incredible tone and power, bassists won’t feel like they’re compromising when they opt for this bass over a larger option. Additionally, the lower price tag makes it an incredibly affordable option.

The low price of the Gretsch G2220 puts it well within reach for beginning bassists who can’t afford a more expensive instrument, as well as within reach of praise bands that are on a tight budget.

Since this bass sounds great on stage, as well as in the studio, it’s an incredibly versatile instrument. This is great for musicians who want power and control in any situation.

Just take a second to listen to how this bass guitar sounds.

What’s Included?


Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Bass II

8.5Our Score
  • 4-string Electric Bass with Basswood Body
  • 2 Single-coil Pickups – Tobacco Sunburst
  • Walnut Fingerboard
  • Maple Neck

Unfortunately, the Gretsch G2220 doesn’t ship with any accessories, which means that bass players need to make sure that they have all additional equipment on hand before ordering.

In addition to an amp and all necessary cables, musicians will need to invest in a high-quality bag or case. Doing so will make it easier to keep the instrument from being damaged.

Primary Features of the G2220

The smaller size of the Gretsch G2220 makes this bass very easy to play, and the lightweight design ensures that bassists are in complete control of their instrument at all times. This is great news for musicians playing late-night gigs. Other great features include:

  • Mini humbuckers ensure a deep and impressive sound
  • Lightweight bass is comfortable for younger musicians and long sets
  • Shorter 30.3” scale length
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Two mini dual-coil pickups
  • Durable and attractive pickguard
  • Die-cast tuners
  • Dot position inlays for easy playing

Thanks to the shorter scale length on this bass, it’s much easier for musicians to enjoy a throaty and trebly sound that is bendy and unique. Musicians will also enjoy faster movement on the neck and the ability to leap frets without changing hand position.

The chrome cover on the mini-humbuckers helps to set the overall tone of the instrument. While the controls aren’t very advanced, they are more than enough to control the sound and tone of this bass.

One thing that is really impressive about the Gretsch G2220 is the great balanced tone that it produces. This means that it’s a more versatile option than other instruments on the market and that it can be used in a variety of ways. It can just as easily play music for a rock band on Friday night as it can play praise songs on Sunday morning.

Alternatives to the Gretsch G2220

The smaller size of the Gretsch G2220 makes it appealing to a wide range of musicians, but bassists who need something just a little more affordable may appreciate the Dean Guitars HILLSBORO JR. This ¾ bass is affordable if you can find it online and is a great option for younger musicians who are buying their first instrument.

The Gretsch G5265 is a slightly more expensive bass but is also full size. This is perfect for musicians who love the sound and playability of the Gretsch G2220 but are looking for something larger and with a little more power. The gorgeous sparkling finish is really attractive and looks incredible on stage under bright lights.

Conclusion – Will this Bass Guitar Work for You?

Any musician who feels strained and tired when playing a full-size bass will want to consider the smaller Gretsch G2220. This light bass guitar packs an incredible punch, which is impressive and surprising given its smaller size.

Thanks to the high-quality humbuckers and the great design of the body and the neck, however, the Gretsch G2220 can easily outshine a larger and heavier bass.

Whether used by a skilled musician or a beginner, the Gretsch G2220 really shines when on stage, as well as when used in the studio. The atypical scale length and body style set the Gretsch G2220 apart and make it eye-catching.

What really makes this bass shine and stand out from other instruments, however, is the full sound it offers. Deep and booming lows complement the clear and bright highs of this bass, letting it really shine in any musical performance.

We hope our Gretsch G2220 review has been helpful. You might want to check out our list of the best bass guitars.

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