Guild Starfire Bass Review From A Pro

Our Guild Starfire Bass Review

Guild has long been known for producing high-quality basses that are designed to make musicians not only sound great but also feel great. While Guild got its start by providing the instruments that jazz musicians really needed, their eclectic instruments are perfectly suited for any musical style.

When bassists want a reliable bass that will help them sound and look great on stage, they need to strongly consider the Guild Starfire bass, which is an instrument that has been around for decades.

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Guild Starfire Bass Review From A Pro

What Is the Guild Starfire Bass?

The Guild Starfire was designed to give bassists the control and power that they needed when providing the deep and throbbing beats for live music.

The original Guild Starfire bass was introduced in the 60s, and quickly became a favorite among many musicians, including Phil Lesh and Jack Casady.

Thanks to the impressive tonal palette of this bass, it’s great for all musical styles.

The recent release of the Guild Starfire allows modern musicians to enjoy the same great sound of this powerful bass in a new and lighter style.

This updated bass features a semi-hollow body that is designed to be extra thin, which makes it great for use on stage.

Additionally, it boasts an impressive cherry red finish, a gorgeous double-cutaway design, and an impressive Bi-Sonic pickup.

These improvements to the original bass didn’t detract from the power of the instrument, but rather make it a better option for today’s high demands both on and off the stage.

Who Is the Guild Starfire Bass Designed for?

This is one of the most playable instruments on the market, which makes it a great option for any musician who is interested in pushing themselves in the studio or on the stage.

Thanks to its lightweight and its impressive playability, it’s perfect for beginners who are pushing themselves to improve, as well as for more advanced musicians who want to ensure that they will stand out from the rest of the band.

The clear downside to this instrument is the higher price tag, which can put it out of reach for some musicians, especially beginners.

Any intermediate or advanced bassist who is willing to invest in their equipment, and has the money to do so, will love the power that they can enjoy from the Guild Starfire.

It’s also a great option for a church praise band, as long as the church has money in the budget. It’s a definite upgrade from other options, making it an investment.

What’s Included?


Guild Guitars Starfire I Bass

8.5Our Score
  • Guild’s new Starfire Bass has it all—the extra-thin semi-hollow body, the elegant double-cutaway design, a single powerful BiSonic pickup, and a great deal more.
  • The welcome return of a true Guild classic.
  • Semi-hollow.

One of the great things about the Guild Starfire is that it ships with a case. Cases are important for all guitars and basses, no matter if musicians are going to be traveling with their instrument or are planning on leaving it in one place. Even in storage, a bass guitar can easily be damaged, which is why keeping it in a proper and high-quality case at all times when it is not in use is so important.

The stock strings on the Guild Starfire sound great, which means that musicians won’t have to replace them right away. This is great news for musicians who are on a tighter budget and can’t afford to upgrade their new bass.

Bassists will need to make sure that they have invested in a decent amp, as this will ensure that they can be heard on stage.

Primary Features of the Starfire Bass

Since the Guild Starfire is made from high-quality mahogany on the top, back, and sides, this bass offers great resonation and impressive tone. The use of the mahogany results in a tone that is rich and varied, allowing this instrument to be used by a variety of musicians. Consider the following features:

  • The 500K pot tone knob
  • The 500K volume knot
  • Adjustable bass bridge complete with rosewood saddles
  • High gloss finish

While some similar bass guitars tend to suffer from neck dive during live performances, hanging the Guild Starfire a little low prevents this from being a problem. This also ensures that the bass is comfortable on the body.

Thanks to the slim design of this instrument, it’s easy for musicians of all skill levels to play fast and furious, resulting in impressive bass lines and great beats.

Thanks to the impressive warm tones of the Guild Starfire, it sounds great without adding too much brightness to the tone. The lows and mids are pronounced.

Alternatives to the Guild Starfire Bass

While the Guild Starfire is an exceptional instrument, the high price tag can put it out of reach for some musicians.

The D’Angelico Premier hollow-body electric bass is a great alternative. It has a similar shape and design to the Guild Starfire but is much more affordable.

Another great alternative is the Ibanez BTB1826. While the Guild Starfire is a four-string guitar, this Ibanez is a six-string instrument, putting it in a class of its own.

Bassists who are ready to really push themselves and want an instrument that will help them stand out from the rest of the band will love not only the way that this bass plays but also how it sounds and looks.

The higher price tag can be daunting, but the bass is worth it for many musicians.

Conclusion – Will You Want to Consider this Bass Guitar?

This is a bold and booming bass that is just as impressive to look at and listen to as it is to play, making it a great choice for any musician who wants to stand out and show off.

The light bodyweight of the guitar makes it easy to control and to carry, and the slim neck was designed with speed in mind.

The problem with the Guild Starfire is the price tag, and many beginning musicians simply won’t be able to afford the high cost of this bass.

If you have a large enough budget or are going to play in a church praise band that can afford the Guild Starfire, then you will want to consider this bass. It’s a classic instrument that hasn’t gone out of style yet and shows no signs of doing so.

We hope our Guild Starfire Bass review has been helpful.

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