Hartke HD150 Review [Professional Opinion]

Our Hartke HD150 Review

Hartke has been a part of Samson Technologies for years and has been producing quality amps since 1985, quietly working to improve their technology and revolutionize the world of amplification. They create combo amps, heads, and bass cabinets of all sizes and power, ensuring that all musicians are able to easily find the right one for their needs.

Since all of their equipment is known for being highly durable and reliable, they are a great choice when you need an amp that will last for a long time and offer you the power and sound that you need.

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Hartke HD150 Review [Professional Opinion]

What Is the Hartke HD150?

The Hartke HD150 is a powerful bass combo amp that is designed specifically to give bass guitarists the raw power and rumble they need to perform and stand out on stage. It offers an incredibly sleek construction and design, an innovative speaker, and highly customizable sound that is great for all types of musicians.

An innovation on the standard Hartke design, the Hartke HD150 has advanced technology included that make it a more powerful amp option. It is a hybrid design that is created from half aluminum and half paper, resulting in a cone bass speaker that mixes the tone warmth that you can enjoy with paper with the impressive presence that comes from aluminum. This creation is perfect for enjoying powerful and audible bass that won’t fade into the background of any song.

Who Is this Bass Amp Designed For?

This amp is designed specifically to be used on the stage or during practice. It’s incredibly powerful, which means that it is ideal for bass guitarists who aren’t afraid of standing out and showing off their skills and talents. Because it is packed with professional features, it’s a great option for advanced musicians who are able to take advantage of the power that it offers.

However, this amp has been designed to be user-friendly for all musicians, which means that even beginners can enjoy the power and control that it offers. It’s also very reliable, which prevents beginners from being frustrated when they run into problems with the amp. The 7-band graphic EQ makes it very easy to adjust the sound and tone, which is great for use during performances. Additionally, the headphone output makes it possible to enjoy private practice.

What’s Included?


Hartke HD150 Bass Combo

8.2Our Score
  • 150 watts of output power
  • 15-inch hybrid cone driver with ceramic magnet, 2-inch tweeter
  • Top-mounted amplifier with Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble Controls
  • 7-band EQ with switch
  • Two 1/4-inch inputs for active/passive bass guitars

Most amps only ship by themselves with their power cord and the Hartke HD150 is no exception. You will need to make sure that you have your instrument ready to go so that you can plug it in and start playing.

The only additional accessory of the Hartke HD150 that users will receive when they buy this amp is the amp casters. These are incredibly durable and are designed to support the full 55.9 pounds of the amp, making it easy for users to roll it around on the stage and position it where it needs to be. Thanks to the carry handles and the casters, this amp is easy to move and control.

Primary Features of the Hartke HD150

What really makes the Hartke HD150 stand out from the crowd is the HyDrive-design speaker. This speaker uses a combination of paper and aluminum to create an amp that is portable and offers a traditional warm zone with a bit of power and zing. Its features include the following:

  • 7-band graphic EQ
  • ¼” headphone output
  • XLR direct output
  • 1/8” stereo aux input
  • Side carry handles
  • 1” tweeter
  • 150 W of output power
  • Dual ¼” inputs for passive and active bass guitars

Alternatives to the HD150

While the Hartke HD150 is a great bass combo amp, it isn’t for everyone. A great alternative that you may want to consider is the Ampeg BA115v2. This combo bass amp offers the same power as the Hartke HD150. It also has a 60-degree sound reinforcement monitor angle and a bass scrambler that provides you with impressive SVT grind.

If you want to stick with a Hartke but need an amp that is a little more powerful, consider the HD500. This amp does come with a higher price tag, but it also has 500W of power, making it a much better option for certain venues and types of music. It features two 10” hybrid cone drivers and 3-band EQ, giving users great control over their sound tone and power.

The sleek construction of the Hartke HD150 makes it not only look great on stage but also ensures that it is highly portable. Thanks to the durable chassis, this amp is perfect for taking on the road and on tours, as it won’t easily be damaged. Churches can benefit from using this because the amp won’t get scratched or broken when being taken out of storage and set up on stage for services.

The slides on the EQ make it easy for users to add attenuation of 12db of a boost to their frequency bands.

Thanks to the auxiliary input on this amp, users can easily connect an MP3 player, if desired. This is great for practice and allows musicians to play along with their favorite songs as they practice, which is a feature that is especially great for beginners.

Conclusion – Should You Consider the Hartke HD150?

The Hartke HD150 is an incredibly powerful amp with a true and rich tone, making it a great choice for almost all guitarists who play bass guitar. It comes at a mid-range price, which means that some musicians may not feel comfortable paying the higher price for this amp, but thanks to all of the power that it offers, it is a great choice for a lot of people.

The compact design makes it easy to take this amp on the go and store it in small areas when it is not in use, which is great for many situations. Because it’s designed to be so user-friendly, it’s a great option for musicians of all skill levels. If you have room in your budget and are looking for a unique bass combo amp that provides warmth and raw power, you should definitely consider the Hartke HD150.

We hope our Hartke HD150 review has been helpful.